What we think is less than what we know.
What we know is less than what we love.
What we love is less than what there is.
And to that precise extent, we are so much less than what we are.

~ R.D.Laing



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“Yoga is not a workout. It’s a work-in.”~ Gioia Irwin

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  “Love is a River. Drink from it.” ~ Rumi
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In our movement practice, we start with the process of yielding, falling back into the body, and cultivating the presence (awareness) of all of the tissue layers, systems and developed patterns. We rely on trust that our inner nature is already awake, and it’s right here, “waiting” for us to arrive. Our body is simply not as old as we are. To come to be the two-legged beings walking on the planet, it took billions of years.

Exploring the body,  soma, from the inside, one becomes, as Gil Headley says, a Somanaut (an Astronaut of the inner space of soma).

Cultivating the mutual support and its innate biotensegrity (balanced tension through the complex network of the connective tissues), we become naturally more aware of the subtle piezoelectric current, the inner “river” that hydrates tissues and allows bones to float and organs to glide in its own motility.

More so, we are able to access the life-force and therefore capable of deeply experiencing our physical and mental ( emotional and spiritual) being. On that subtle level, we are waking up the circulation through Vayus and our Primary Respiration (the Osteopathic term for the slow motion of the life force, “prana” or  “energy”), the current which is intermingling with our physical tissues yet it is a larger field than the soma, tapping into the sea of interconnectedness of all life and its inconceivable space (Shunia).




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