What we think is less than what we know.
What we know is less than what we love.
What we love is less than what there is.
And to that precise extent, we are so much less than what we are.

~ R.D.Laing




Tensegrity Repair Series and Yoga

Applying Biotensegrity Principles into Yoga

80 hr Certification

Benefits yoga teachers, movement practitioners, performers, therapists as well as those who practised and have completed  TRS Level 1.


Round Five.

Extended training in functional and experiential Anatomy explored through the lens of Tensegrity Principle

and Developmental Patterns.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga movements and techniques designed to support the Autonomic Nervous System.


We cultivate the mutual support and its innate biotensegrity (balanced tension through the complex network of the connective tissues), which allows us to be aware of the subtle piezoelectric current, the inner “river” that hydrates tissues, bones and organs so they can glide in its motility.

More so, we access the life-force and therefore capable of deeply experiencing our physical and mental ( emotional and spiritual) being. On that subtle level, we are waking up the circulation through Vayus and our Primary Respiration (the Osteopathic term for the slow motion of the life force, “prana” or  “energy”), and therefore support a healthy, strong and souple body and clear, present mind.

Starting February 7Thursdays 4-6 p.m.

Westside Studio

TRS is a series of somatically-based precise or precise and repetitive movements, designed by a master teacher Gioia Irwin, to Rebalance and Strengthen the body layers,  Repattern the neuro-vascular pathways, bring Stability to our form and Ease to our movements.

Ongoing Progressive Embodiment classes …

Urban Weekly Retreats 

Wednesdays 10-12

 Ten sessions- January 16-March 20

$350 ($300 before January 9)

West Side studio Blenheim and 32


Drop-ins welcome if space allows

Urban Retreat is a pause in a week, a reminder that we can find the space in business, joy in a turmoil.

“We use the mind to navigate the presence in the body to sharpen our attention and eventually lose that same mind into an embodied movement.”

Movement is based on the three anatomical paradigms; Bio-mechanical ( unified body layers), Functional ( developmental movement repatterning) and Bio-dynamic ( intricate energetic anatomy and stillness).  



Winter and Spring Non-Residential Retreats



Winter Retreat focus is on deepening into the quiet cave of pranayama ( breath practice), tuning into what we call “feminine time” of a womb where there is no “have to’s”. Practice is alternating between restoring practice and long, Yin inspired holdings.

Spring is the revival of all the senses and claiming lightness and buoyancy that comes out of the yielding into winter.  Our practice here reflects the connection onto the Deep Core volumes inside of our body, allowing us to stand straight and open our arms wide with the clarity of intention.


Each one of those retreats is diving into psycho-somatic integration of our senses and sensibilities. We look at what we perceive as our “weakness” and find a pattern beneath that can than supports the transformation into stability and strength.


  “Love is a River. Drink from it.” ~ Rumi



Private Sessions 


Drop in Classes

Progressive Classes


Guest Teaching and Mentorship



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Prana the Life Force Interview 2011

Yoga BC Magazine May 2011


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