Dec 8 2019

We hold in our hearts and minds all those in Black community who’s lives have been taken through police brutality, racial injustice, and white supremacy.

We stand in firm solidarity with everyone fighting systemic racism, injustice, and oppression in our society.

The Yoga Wheel is founded on the base of ancient tradition of Yoga, and practiced through unifying experience of our body as a community of cells and tissues working together to support each other. Through this somatic embodiment practice, we are dedicated to bringing more diversity and to creating space for Black people, Indigenous people and others who are underrepresented.

We embrace our responsibility to educate ourselves to be better acomplice through our support and action.



About Founder




What we think is less than what we know.
What we know is less than what we love.
What we love is less than what there is.
And to that precise extent, we are so much less than what we are.

~ R.D.Laing


Our Tensegrity Repair Channel.

Prana the Life Force Interview 2011

Yoga BC Magazine May 2011


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