Progressive Classes

“Love is a river. Drink from it.”

– Rumi

YOGA ON 7th 9:30-11:45 a.m.

March 15th -May 17th,  2017

contact if interested.

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In this series we will inquire into:

  • Stillness of meditation based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Sattipattana Sutra).
  • Movement guided by Embodied Anatomy, based on our embryological developmental impression following the “mind of the body layers”.
  • Principles of movement based on the Mutual Support of the body/mind systems (the model of Tensegrity).



How we practice? Read bellow our past experiences.

 In this photo (spring 2012), Cristina is helping  Ali find her connection from the head to tail of the spine, while maintaining her awareness of the breath through Vayu’s gates. As you can tell, Cristina is holding the integrity of her own posture while giving the support.



8 week progressive sessions, 3 hours in length, exploring breathing, Vayus, tensegrity repair practice, and principles of movement.

Recommended  for teachers and dedicated students.

Please contact us for more information and registration.




The Yoga Wheel offers educational, focused, training workshops which are 4 – 8 hours in length and are intended to introduce or deeply elaborate on a specific style or theme in practice.


In this photo, Jen is helping Jessie find her longitudinal myo-fascial meridian lines in her arms and legs while kneeling.


Rates: Variable


Partial scholarship or exchange available for those in need of financial support.


Words of a practitioner:

“Studying with Lidija has led me into the vast landscape of my body and the universe, in what I would call a grounded psychedelic experience. No movement exists without its energetic origin, its body of wisdom, its breath of life. The work is deep.

She teaches yoga that is rooted in the teachings of mindfulness and awareness, discovered in partnership of mind and body.

Lidija has a real gift in the way she weaves in many disciplines that she has studied and distills them to their elemental core, in a way that makes perfect sense. Her work resonates with that sense of “transmission” that we speak of in Yoga, something that can only be experienced in the presence of her profound, warm and magnetic energy.”

~ Emma Garrodd, Registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher


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