Progressive Classes

“Love is a river. Drink from it.”

– Rumi

Ongoing Progressive Embodiment classes …

Urban Weekly Retreats 

Wednesdays 10-12

Drop-ins welcome if space allows

Urban Retreat is a pause in a week, a reminder that we can find the space in business, joy in the turmoil.

Deeply resourceful and healing.

We use the mind to navigate the presence in the body to sharpen our attention and eventually lose that same mind into embodied movement. 

Movement is based on the three anatomical paradigms; Bio-mechanical ( unified body layers), Functional ( developmental movement repatterning) and Bio-dynamic ( intricate energetic anatomy and stillness).  



 Thursdays, 4-6 p.m.

Words of  a student:

“Each week I leave Lidija’s classes with a body-full sense of calm, focus, energy and self-connection. Am I new, again? No, I am all for myself, from moments after I was just a ‘twinkle in my parents’ eyes’ to this very moment. Lidija’s work resounds with respect for her own body and life; her vast repertoire of techniques, knowledge and experience; her graceful, determined and poetic teaching methods; and her commitment to teaching her students ways to be well in/as our bodies, ourselves.

As participants in her extended workshops (2.5-hour classes for 10 weeks), we have what most yoga experiences yearn for: plenty of time to expand, exert, enjoy and support ourselves, and to wake up, awake and refreshed. Classes are small and personal – we’re not ‘marooned on our mats’, quietly following instructions, but involved, right from the start, welcome to ask questions anytime about anything, to make connections and to share in Lidija’s obvious delight in her own ongoing practices.

Each week I return to Lidija’s classes, feeling better than before and with an anticipation of deepening my practice under her guidance. For me, Lidija is a profound teacher. Starting studying with her just after my mother’s death, and, now, just before my father’s imminent passing, I feel more in touch with my inner resources and sense of equanimity, with where I came from and how I will have a health-full future.

With gratitude,

Dr Margot Leigh Butler.


How we practice? Read below for our past experiences.

 In this photo (spring 2012), Cristina is helping  Ali find her connection from the head to tail of the spine, while maintaining her awareness of the breath through Vayu’s gates. As you can tell, Cristina is holding the integrity of her own posture while giving the support.


Retreat 2007


In this photo, Jen is helping Jessie find her longitudinal myofascial meridian lines in her arms and legs while kneeling.

Words of a practitioner:

“Studying with Lidija has led me into the vast landscape of my body and the universe, in what I would call a grounded psychedelic experience. No movement exists without its energetic origin, its body of wisdom, its breath of life. The work is deep.

She teaches yoga that is rooted in the teachings of mindfulness and awareness, discovered in partnership of mind and body.

Lidija has a real gift in the way she weaves in many disciplines that she has studied and distills them to their elemental core, in a way that makes perfect sense. Her work resonates with that sense of “transmission” that we speak of in Yoga, something that can only be experienced in the presence of her profound, warm and magnetic energy.”

~ Emma Garrodd, Registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher


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