Yoga Wheel in Europe

Since 2014 we have been offering teachings and retreats in Europe’s most beautiful

Adriatic coast – Croatia and Montenegro

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U ljeto 2014  The Yoga Wheel je pozvana da odrzi radionicu Joge i Meditacije u Vashi Yoga studiju u Podgorici.  U to vrijeme mala ali posvecena grupa iz Vashi Yoga je trenirana po veoma postovanoj Iyangar tradiciji i nastavila studioznu praksu i poslije odlaska njihovog ucitelja u rodnu Indiju.

Lidija Martinovic Rekert je ponudila uvod u Vijnana Jogu ( koja je preko Done Holleman povezana sa  Iyangar tradicijom) I Kundalini Jogu, iz tradicije sa sjevera indije koju je na zapad donio Jogi Bhajan.  Lidija je isto ponudila uvod u  Meditaciju (Vipashyana), i Tensegrity Repair  seriju koja je posvecena preciznoscu pokreta i hidriiranju misicnih vlakana, sto utice na stabilizovanje nerva i cirkulacije.

Nas slijedeci dolazak u Crno Goru je Jun 10-15, 2016 Lidija ce dati akcenat Tibetanskoj Budistickoj meditaciji i  filozofiji, detaljnoj praksi disanja ( Vayus i  Pranayama), preciznih terapeutskih pokreta.

Svi koji su zainteresovani mogu se javiti preko naseg kontakta ili Vashi Joga Studija u Podgorici.



( ove fotografije su sa Etno Sela “Brezna” i nase zadnje petodnevne radionice joge)

This photos are from our five day residential retreat at the Ethno Village “Brezna”, Montenegro.

IMG_8576 10443504_755413897814093_3146317010037012596_n 1912091_753115951377221_3047150117853129777_n

( Ethno Village in  Montenegro)



In the Summer of 2014, The Yoga Wheel was invited to teach a Yoga and Meditation retreat in Podgorica. Montenegro. At that time, a small but dedicated group of practitioners from the respected Iyanger tradition were continuing to practice diligently, even after their teacher went back to his native India.
During the retreat, Lidija Martinovic Rekert offered an introduction to two yoga styles, Vijnana and Kundalini. Vijnana Yoga authenticates the “practice from inside” , originated from yoga teacher and Sanskrit scholar Orit Sen Gupta, and inspired by work of  Done Holleman from “Centred Yoga”, both  of whom initially studied under B.K.S. Iyangar in the early 1960’s – 1980’s.  Kundalini Yoga was introduced in a lineage of Yogi Bhajan  and comes from North India ( Punjab).
As the base of the yoga practice, Lidija introduced Meditation instruction (Vipashyana) which comes from a Buddhist lineage which is focused on changing the state of our busy minds into an awareness based practice of “presence”, popularly called “mindfulness practice” ( or Mindfulness Stress Reduction practice).
Following the teachings of her immediate teacher Gioia Irwin ( Vijnana), Lidija introduced the Tensegrity Repair Series (TRS) as a preparatory practice for asana practice.  With precise repetitive movements, TRS helps hydrate the myofascial  network,our direct connection to the body’s nerve and blood vessels, therefore creating an ideal space for circulation of the breath of life.
Our next visit in Montenegro is expected to be at the end of  July 2015, after Lidija finishes a two week retreat with Orit Sen Gupta in Germany.
” I am excited to have 5 days to live-in practice. That is the way to go with such internal practices like yoga. You want to give it some time and space without interruption, to germinate, to grow.
We will be waking up early and starting the practice with deep breath work ( based on yogic anatomy of the vayus and bandhas) followed by yoga and meditation practice, emerged in the pristine nature of wild Montenegro, good food and hospitality.
Now that Medical Tourism is taking advantage of Montenegro’s natural beauty, we will too bring an accent on the health benefits of Yoga and Meditation. Precise therapeutic movements enhance the “firing” of our neuro-core, which comes from not superficial, but deep macular and neuro-endocrin layers, which effects directly our fluid circulation and therefore the nutritional supplies to our organs. The awareness and “movement from inside” allows the joints to take the least amount of compression, and weight is evenly distributed through all masculo-sceletal continuum, which creates overall strength and ease. There is no end of benefits coming from this practice which results in a healthy body, a deep core-strenght, and a vibrant and present mind.” (LMR)
This practice will be an opportunity for everyone, from those who are just beginning or would like to begin the practice of yoga,  to those who are intermediate/ advanced practitioners. Therefore, all levels are welcome.
If interested, contact us or email Vashi Yoga Studija in Podgorica..


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