“The essence of a retreat is setting up a boundary–and we are not actually talking about a physical boundary, but we are talking about a boundary of time, setting up a boundary between past and future, which ideally means we remain in presentness.

To remain in the present is what Buddhists call mindfulness, becoming more aware of yourself in your surroundings. Mindfulness, however, is not enough.”

                                                                                                                                                                  ~ Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

The Yoga Wheel Regularly offers Non- Residential (your arrangement of sleeping) and Residential Retreats based on Mindfulness Awareness Practice ( Shamata Vipassana).




One does not need to go out of town to find peace of mind.


Our group retreats take place seasonally, to acknowledge life’s impermanence (Pali “anicca”) and remind us why we practice in the first place.


Traditionally we practice surrounded by nature where meditation is done both in stillness and movement.

Braiding together different traditions of Yogic styles, we offer extensive teaching on breath awareness, including Pranayama (breath control) and Vayus (awareness of the subtle winds of the Prana), followed by embodied Yoga practice. Every Yoga session is finished with a silent meditation with instructions, as well as silent reflections and contemplations.
Applicable to both beginners and old practitioners.

“I found on this retreat a type of quiet I had never experienced before from meditation, both in my body and mind. This kind of experience can only be described as being introduced to myself because only in that quiet and stillness could I actually experience the present moment instead of planning or worrying about the future.”

 – Cristina Freire, MLIS (Library and Information Studies), Yoga Teacher, on her first weekend retreat.


Upon request, The Yoga Wheel offers private individual, couples or group non- residential retreats, lasting from one to three days ( prices varies).


CONTACT us for more information or to book a retreat.



Residential retreats offer  practice in nature, within a serene silent retreat environment in a  3 day weekend long setting, with vegetarian meals, yoga, sitting and walking meditation. Retreats are held in silence with functional speech ( speaking when having questions or when necessary).


Photo by Jason Ruvelson

Reflection of a retreat participant:

“It was a true blessing to have the opportunity to practice under the canopy of the west coast forest.  The instructions were rich with experience with the layers of emotional depth and spiritual grounding. It left one feeling clear and spacious. The majesty of nature all around was a wonderful compliment to the enhanced sense of peace and interconnectivity that was nurtured over the retreat. “

– Angela Dean, Yoga Teacher

 11707346_10153076698391167_2203791732461495244_n( photo from our retreat in Europe, Montenegro Etno Village Brezna, summer 2015) 

RETREATS – PAYMENTS cheque/cash/email transfer or paypal.


We add 5% GST tax on any of our prices.



CONTACT us for more information of if you have questions.

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