Private Yoga/Bodywork

“Repetitio Est Mater Studiorum”

~ Latin Proverb  (“Through repetition we learn”)

“What we repeat becomes our pattern.”

” We are accustomed to the idea of IQ – measuring the intelligence of the brain. We are becoming more accustomed to EQ – the idea of emotional intelligence. What is needed is a map of the territory of KQ- kinaesthetic intelligence, the intelligence of the body in motion.”

~ Thomas W.Myers

Like most living matter, the body and mind are “pliable”. If we have an injury or repeat certain movements over and over again (as do musicians, tennis players, golf players, painters etc) we create a “domino effect” on the rest of the body to compensate for its stability and function. This is how we can come “out of alignment”. It is also through the repetition of integrated movement that the body brings itself back into its (natural) alignment, stability and ease (Tensegrity).


” To find health is the object of a practitioner. Anyone can find disease.” ~ A.T. Still, DO

Although I practice hands-on work, most of my attendance is based on educating my clients on how to move on their own. They feel a noticeable change after they leave a session in their body breathing, posture, joint mobility, stability and core strength, as well as mental capacity to stay present, relaxed and grounded.

The Yoga Wheel approach is based on somatic integration, which basically means bringing the mind back into the body. Grounded in our study and exploration of Embodied Anatomy, we go back to how, by which unbroken movement patterns, was our body initially formed, starting with the first 8 weeks of Embryogenesis and then later through slow and sequential development into a two-legged walking creature. This way we cultivate the KQ, the intelligence in motion.

By mindfully and repeatedly re-tracking and reclaiming these somatically integrated movements, we hydrate, regenerate and re-awaken the connections through the tissues and layers, creating the environment of “freedom” and ease in neuromuscular and fluid pathways. Taking into account new research on bio-tensegrity and connective tissue networks, instead of looking at the framework of some 600 muscles, we attend and re-pattern the connection of the “One Muscle” of the body.

This allows greater organ capacity (breathing, digestion, elimination etc.), greater capacity of the nervous system (clear thinking, reasoning, greater memory etc.), as well as a more balanced  “chemistry” of our endocrine system.


Two-year-old Kai playing on his moms’ mat. Look at his naturally quiet back, the connection of the arm lines and the leaning quality of the head. This is exactly what we look in our Shirshasana ( headstand) preparation. You can see the “one muscle” of his body.



“You have to love dancing to stick to it. It gives you nothing back, no manuscripts to store away, no paintings to show on walls and maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive.”

Merce Cunningham


CONTACT US for more information.


Private Session- 90 minutes long- all prices will have additional 5% GST

1 Private – $160

Extended Private session ( 2 hrs and over) prices are negotiated individually.

Couple session: $200/90 min

Semi- private session (minimum four people)  $65/each -plus 5% GST. 


No Refund, Exchange or Transfer of sessions.

CANCELLATION POLICY:   Please note that a minimum of 24 hrs notice is required  in writing, for changing or cancellation appointment, otherwise the full amount will be charged. The cause of missing an appointment is of no consequence. If you give me less than 24 hours notice, and I succeed in finding someone to take your appointment, your fee will be waived. 



After the initial session, sliding scale possible if low income is an issue.

For sessions in collaboration with other practitioners (Nutrition, Acupuncture, Homeopathy or Osteopathy), prices will be charged accordingly.

Other offerings are listed separately.


You can contact us to make an appointment.


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