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“In this practice, it is not important that we have experience.

In fact, we have to have no experience at all.”

 ~ Gioia Irwin


When we teach, we want to be able to access the intelligence that is everywhere, present in all apparent layers and sheaths of the body-mind-heart continuum, and create space for it to represent itself.





(Applying principles of embodied anatomy)

Photo by Jen Bodmer

Photo by Jen Bodmer, 2010

This training implements the experiential anatomy and developmental movements in the practice of Yoga.  It introduces principles which can be applied in movement and stillness.

Anatomically, Yoga teachers learn how to observe and embody body systems and move with their integrity and inter-connectedness (nervous, endocrine, fluid, fascial, skeletal systems, etc.)  As teachers, we want to be familiar with as many doors of perception and experience as possible. Not only because we want to wake up our own somatic, energetic, mental and emotional intelligence, but to make this practice accessible to everyone.
We offer the teachings on early Embryogenesis, the formation of our anatomy in the early 8 weeks of embryology and how this stage connects us to the Energetic Anatomy of Vayus, Nadis, Bhanda’s and Chakras.



Photo by Denis Gobeil

Photo by Denis Gobeil

This training teaches how to develop a sequence of postures which are creative,  balancing, and designed to open energy gates of the body following four essential ingredients of every movement: Intention, Attention, Recruiting and Sequencing.

As Yoga teachers we want to be skilled not only “where” we intend to move  but “how” we are getting there and what are we cultivating by doing so. This class is based on experiential anatomy and energy awareness.

In this photograph, Erin is practicing the Taoist Spinal Role while getting into the Yoga posture “virasana”.




“I have worked with Lidija in a teacher-training program at Langara College where she was initially one of the  lead trainers,  as well as in post-graduate setting.  It is a joy and honor to learn from her.  This practice  is especially in alignment with my interests in energy re-balancing and the healing arts.  

Delivered in a meditative manner, the work is subtle and focused.  The intricate core work offered transfers easily to my own work of authentic, creative expression as a musician and teacher.”

– Joyce Mah , pianist, soprano, performance coach, Yoga teacher

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