“”We are all born to be Healthy, Happy and Holy”

Yogi Bhajan



Applicable for  those who finished TRS Level 1


“Yoga is not a workout. It is a work-in.” 

Gioia Irwin

Photo by Jen Bodmer


Words of a practitioner:

“Yoga Wheel’s delivery of the teachings have supported a profound depth, authenticity, healing and transformation in my practice.  The emphasis is  on gentleness, subtle awareness and mindful, embodied explorative practice.  
Since practicing this way, my personal practice has softened and been enlivened with courage, dedication and gentle focus.  I have experienced a shift from striving in asana, to experiencing breath through each cell of my being and connecting to the life force that is present in every moment. Asanas have become dynamic, vibrant and alive expressions.  
As a yoga teacher, I invite students to tune into subtle spaces within and connect to the whole through principles of movement and meditation.  I am ever grateful and honoured to have studied and continue to learn with Lidija.”
~ Laura Rivere, Yoga Teacher


Photo by Denis Gobeil

After teaching senior population for the past ten years, including those with progressive dementia, Yoga Wheel has created the curriculum designed for yoga teachers who would like to explore their skills and practices with our growing elder population.

3 consecutive weekend training, designed for yoga and movement teachers, providing  the methodology and practice of  breathing, yoga movement  and meditation designed  forthe senior population using chairs and a variety of props to support the aging body.

It is an absolute joy serving this population.

 This photo is taken in 2006 at the Crossreach Senior Centre. We call this posture “Cupid” pose.


“We seniors at Crossreach Centre are very fortunate in having Lidija as our Yoga Instructor. She has taught us that we can become one with the universe through yoga; and we can focus on unifying our mind and body through yoga breathing; We can also be more flexible with our movements. Lidija’s beauty and radiance isan inspiration to us all.  “Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty.” 

~ Eddie Calvert, Senior at the Crossreach Day Centre, 2007


“Lidija Martinovic provides “Chair Yoga” for the clients of our Adult Day Centre on a monthly basis. Our clients are frail elderly, cognitively impaired, and disabled adults. I have been thrilled with how enthusiastically they participate in  Lidija’s sessions which possess both mental and physical client appropriate activation.  Clients are generally more calm and grounded following her yoga session.” 

~ Joan Garritty, E.D., Kinsmen Adult Centre, 2006

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