“Basic Goodness, that is our inherent nature, has three qualities: Wakeful Body, Open Mind and Tender Heart.”

– Susan Chapman

Photo by Winston Rekert


The Yoga Wheel’s mission is to “in-courage” awareness of the sacredness of  life, while keeping the body awake, the mind open, and the heart present.

Founded by Lidija Martinović Rekert in 2002, our teachings are inspired by the practice of Yoga and Dharma.

This personal approach to the practice is an exploration of the intricate connection of  the body-mind-heart, which, when unhindered, is innately whole and awake. This on-going inquiry is cultivated though the practice of meditation. It requires a  courage to look  though the  layers of  imprinted patterns, as well as earnestness and a vigilance to stay  open to the  ever present  intelligence within and around us.

The Yoga Wheel approaches movement (asanas and pranayama) as a “moving meditation”.  Embodying the dynamic principles, as well as precise mechanics of postures, we explore the  two main pillars of Yoga-asana; Structural Stability and Effortlessness (Sanskrit “Sthiram Sukham Asanam“). Using Mindfulness as a vehicle, an “anchor” for the busy, unsettling  thinking mind, one practices by letting go of  effort and willfulness. Threading awareness through the body’s  intelligent layers and fascial tensegrity matrix ,  one yields into the natural forces of gravity and  its rebound of buoyancy and grace.

In a sense, the “goal” of the practice is in the path itself. Through both stillness and movement, we are  braiding the practice of wholeness, the practice of Yoga.

The Yoga Wheel offers the space for  an on-going practice, for Yoga and meditation  group classes, Private Yoga sessions and Yoga Therapy, as well as Teachers Mentorship and guest teachings for Yoga Teacher and Movement Training.

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